Glamorous camping has grown in popularity in recent years, and if you like the idea of experiencing the great outdoors, but without giving up too many comforts and amenities, it may be perfect for your next holiday. 

What is Glamping?

Glamping is short for glamorous camping, and it is just that, camping in a more luxurious and comfortable setting than a traditional tent. The concept is nothing new; African safaris of the early 20th century placed an emphasis on providing wealthy customers luxury and all the comforts of home. The modern form of glamping probably came from the many rich and mostly young entertainers at outdoor concerts who demanded something more than just a basic tent to sleep in. The idea has become so popular that the AA introduced a star rating system for UK glamping sites in 2016. If you take a glamping holiday, you can expect your tent to be modern and perhaps brightly coloured, and possibly come with electricity, heat and air conditioning as well as a comfortable mattress or even a bed.

The Appeal Of Glamping

If glamping hampshire countryside or anywhere else appeals, you can glamp year round, although just like any other type of holiday the weather should be a factor.

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Some glamping sites are closed during the colder months, although you can sometimes get lower rates if you glamp off season. It's easy to see the appeal of glamping and why it has become so popular; it allows you to be close to nature, and rough it a little bit - but not too much. And glamping gives you the opportunity to stay in some unique places, in the UK and all over the world. For many, it's just more interesting than staying in a hotel or rented flat and makes for a more memorable holiday. If you like glamping, you may find yourself joining the many who have made some extra money from it by renting out a couple of tents or yurts in their back garden or field.

Where to Go Glamping

If you like the idea of glamping Hampshire and other rural counties offer plenty of choice. Britain's national parks are also popular, with glamping sites to be found in North Wales, the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales. However, glamping isn't limited to just the UK, and you can go glamping almost anywhere in the world. It's possible to glamp in such places as Iceland, Botswana and India, and even in Antarctica if you have the money. Most people still think of tent camping when they think of glamping, although depending on your destination, you may find yourself sleeping in a Gypsy caravan, chalet, yurt, tree house or old train carriage. Some glamping companies will move the accommodation for you, allowing you to sleep in a different place every few nights. Although there are many glamping sites that have all the facilities you would find in any campground, including toilets, shop, games room and bar, many glamping sites are simply in someone's field.