All About Holidays

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What Is A Holiday?

A holiday in its purest form is a longer period of time dedicated to leisure, usually away from home. Some people prefer to travel to new places each time, while others prefer to buy a summer house near the beach or a charming cottage in the country.

What Types Of Holiday Are There?

There are many other things you can do on a holiday besides sightseeing and taking pictures near the same traditional monuments. You can go on an activity holiday and learn how to cook Italian food in Italy or go canoeing in Iceland or even rock-climbing in the US. You can also go on a farmstay as a paying guest and have the authentic country experience. You could also go on a jeep safari to look at wild animals in their habitat.

Why Do People Go On Holiday?

Holidays are great because they give you time to relax from work, unwind from the daily routine, experience new places and flavours, and recharge your batteries.

What Are The Benefits Of Going On Holiday?

There are many benefits on going on a holiday. You see, even if you take a normal package holiday but choose your tour guide carefully, you could turn your holiday into a lecture tour and learn so much more about artistic movements as you see paintings and statues in a museum, or architecture through the streets. You also have the chance of truly relaxing and unwinding from a normal stressful life. Young people might even take working holidays as part of their gap year and learn useful skills or doing unpaid work to benefit poorer communities, and they even get to list that in their resumes.

When And Where Do People Go On Holiday?

Two in three Brits have their holidays between July and August and take two weeks of time off out of the four they are entitled to. This is a good period because these are the warmest months and children are in their summer breaks from school. Brits love to go to the seaside and watch their kids swim in the sea and build sandcastles.

An increasing amount of people is also taking a second holiday abroad during the winter and go skiing for a week or take a short spring break to visit European cities. Some prefer to chase the sun during the winter in alternative locations in Florida and the Caribbean or the Canary Islands, Morocco, and Egypt.

For those who go abroad, Spain is the most popular destination, followed by France. Three Brits out of four travel by air, while the remaining go by sea or take the train through the Channel Tunnel.

Exotic and distant locations such as Australia and Southeast Asia are becoming more accessible and cheap enough for working people too.